Sunday report (August 22nd)

Sunday was great!  We had the last of our mission trip reports during Student Quest.  Pat Reap, one of our long term volunteers and leaders of the Ukraine team, had been unable to come last week for the team report so she started off the morning sharing her experiences and what she learned.  It’s actually the fourth trip she’s led to Ukraine!  Then we heard from Darby, who was part of a team outside of our church that did soccer ministry in Brazil for several weeks.  She brought a great challenge to all the teens about how they can each be making a great impact for God.  Finally, we heard from Tim and Kelsie who had spent a month interning at Campo Alegria in Nicaragua, the camp that Ed, Pat and I had led a team to last summer to do camp ministry.  They had an amazing and challenging time there – it’s exciting to hear how God uses these camps to reach Nicaraguan children.  Check out the joy on those kids faces in the picture!  I’m looking forward to leading another team there in the future!

Next Sunday will be a little different; most of the group will be away at our annual student ministry retreat.  I’m really looking forward to it – after a summer of everyone travelling, going to the beach, summer jobs, and whatever else, it’s always fun to reconnect and kick off the new school year together!

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