Dangerous Youth Pastor bets

This Friday night is Endless Night, our annual high school all nighter. You can find out more about it here. But that’s only a tangent on what I’m actually blogging about …

Dangerous youth ministry bets.

Last year when we were talking up our middle school all nighter one of the leaders put me on the spot in front of the group and asked how many people had to come for me to shave my head. It was unexpected so I threw out a ridiculously impossible number: 200 kids. That was double the previous high. They managed to get over 120 out, which was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, it was 120+ disappointed kids when my head stayed unshaved. The image to the right was photoshopped by one of my leaders trying to motivate the kids. Not a look I’m hoping to achieve!

The question came again at the senior high all nighter, which has peaked out at around 80 kids the last few years. I told them 150. Then again this year at the middle school one. I said 150 again. They didn’t come close.

By now I should be expecting the question, but I wasn’t when they high school kids sprung it on me a few weeks ago. In a moment of weakness, I said 100. I figured they don’t have a chance; it’s spring break and the most they’ve gotten before was around 80.

But I’m sweating it a bit. This is the first time I’ve tossed out an actually achievable number. Surviving the bet this many times may have made me too cocky.

I like having hair.

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