Biggest Loser season 14 premieres Sunday!

Anyone else excited for the new season of Biggest Loser? I am … for the first time in a LONG time. I know some would disagree with me, but I really think the switch to one season per year instead of back to back seasons helps build anticipation for the show. It used to wear me out trying to keep up with all the episodes! The shorter season, time off from the last one … changing it up … should make for a better season all around.

What are you looking forward to? Personally, I’m cheering on Michael Dorsey … another (former) youth pastor on the show! That brings the total to five former or current youth pastors that I know of; Tim Thomas and myself from season three, Sean Algier, Mark Cornelieson from last season, and now Mike.

Anyway, the two night premiere is Sunday and Monday night. Post your thoughts here!

5 thoughts on “Biggest Loser season 14 premieres Sunday!

  1. I am super excited about season 14! I think the CD’s did an awesome job picking a group of folks that we can all relate to. Who knows, maybe we will find some inspiration along the way. I do hope that they return to a fall and spring rotation though. It was a long year without Biggest Loser. P.s., I will be the winner of season 15 :-p


  2. I think there’s a good group this season. I’m glad it’s back to once a year too! I’m sad that Nicki fooled the producers into thinking she was ready. I hope she gets the help she needs. I love that Jillian is back too and the involvement of the kids. My one complaint is the close up vomit shots. That is beyond revolting!


  3. I was so disappointed in the first episode that I have given up the show for good. (I had given it one more chance after the debacle of Season 13.) I realize that the contestants are in a desperate situation, but Jillian was so far out of line in her treatment of them that I could not bear to watch. I also was appalled by her comment that Nikki had a “dark past” which was unable to be dealt with on the show, when it was clear to me that Nikki had been bullied off the show by Jillian’s treatment of her. I realize that contestants are choosing to make many private things public when they join the show, but Nikki at that point did not have a chance to explain or defend herself.

    I guess the thing that really bothers me (and also bothered me about Season 13) is that the producers obviously think this is what we want to watch. i do not want to be the kind of person that the producers think I am.


  4. Nikki wasn’t mentally ready to deal with her demons and until then she won’t benefit from the weightloss. She may be an emotional eater like many of us, and until she deals with her inner turmoils would not be able to benefit long term from the program.

    Most people got very used to Jillian not being on and may have forgotten how she would interact with the cast. She is still Jillian and that is why many watched. She got results. The people that have auditioned are the soft ones. I know from personal experience you can ‘t be soft and expect results, we aren’t children adn shouldn’t be coddled as such. It is also a shorter season and her track record for winners cannot be argued. She gets results if the persons are willing.


  5. I did not see someone who “wasn’t mentally able to deal with her demons.” I saw a human being who had been plucked from her comfortable home environment, dropped into a big house with 14 room-mates/competitors, deprived of contact with family and friends, followed constantly by producers and people wielding cameras and microphones, and screamed at by a bully disguised as a helper. And what “demons?” What indication do we have that Nikki has “demons”, other than Jillian’s self-serving statement blaming an unspecified “dark past” for Nikki leaving? It seems to me that Bob gets results without the abuse. Clearly the trainers have high expectations for their contestants, and there is nothing wrong with that, but the treatment I saw Jillian exhibiting in the first episode is not something that I want to see again.


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