Too Busy for Exercise


Yesterday I mentioned that I finally uploaded a couple of my recent articles from my column in the Journal of Student Ministries, a professional journal for youth pastors and youth workers.  The column is entitled “Tending the Temple,” and it’s focus is connecting spiritual health and physical health.  All that to say, today I’m posting the other article!  Just click on the link below to read the article.  This one deals with the topic of balance in life and health.  How do we pursue it, what happens when we’re out of balance, and will I ever be able to get Wii Fit?  Let me know what you think!

Tending the Temple: Too Busy for Exercise (September/October, 2008)

2 thoughts on “Too Busy for Exercise

  1. Matt that was a wonderful article! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. I have been wondering for weeks now how your health is going. I mean, how do you ask someone tastefully "Have you kept the weight off?" So now I'm asking… reply ONLY if you want to, even if it's in private email. I'm just curious because I am scared to pieces that I'll be one that might gain it back and I gotta hear from SOMEONE that they've kept it off.. or if they've gained some back that they are losing again. Your article is yet another reminder that our bodies TRULY are God's temples and we have GOT to take care of them, always. Thank you for writing it and sharing it. Yet again you are inspiring me, this time in my faith. I am just starting to get back into the feeling of being close to God again. I hit a dry spell that seemed to last for years. Just recently my husband and I have started praying together each night. I've been married SEVEN years and we haven't done that! I guess I was shy about it and we just never made time. So your little posts here and there, blogs, etc. really do touch me. Know that you make a difference posting these. God's blessings to you and your family!



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